How CHEATING Can Keep Your Thinner

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CHEATING typically is a bad word. But when it comes to weight loss, cheating can actually keep you thinner.

You know what you have to do to eat healthy. But all too often the inner steel gets weak. In my case, I never met anything chocolate I could resist.

Cheat days solve that. Here’s how it works. (The science comes from Dr. David Watts of Trace Elements Inc.)

You eat clean for three days. NO cheats! On the fourth day, savor one thing that is horribly unhealthy and awfully delicious.

For example, if your week starts on Sunday, you have to be good for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. But on Wednesday, you can have one piece of chocolate cake Or two chocolate chip cookies OR one chocolate milkshake, etc.

Amazing Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

Cheating does not mean devouring the whole half gallon, people!

I found if you live for those cheat days, it makes the other three tolerable. Really!

A recent study found people actually cut 450 calories form their daily diet if they had a cheat day.

So start cheating!!!!


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