Q: What is progesterone wild yam cream?

A: A cosmetic ‘cosmeceutical’ cream that provides relief from PMS, menstrual cramps, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, muscular soreness, and headaches. These symptoms are partly caused by an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen in your system, with the culprit being a lack of progesterone.

Q: How does a cosmeticeutical cream help?

A: The Mexican wild yam has one carbon ion less than human progesterone and is referred to as a ‘Bio-identical Hormone’, with a molecular structure nearly identical to the hormones the human body produces naturally.

Q: Why is this similarity to naturally occurring progesterone important?

A: Because bio-identical hormones are able to follow normal metabolic pathways.

Q: How do your estrogen/progesterone levels get out of balance?

A: Your copper/zinc ratio is imbalanced. Balancing the copper/zinc ratio is the key to eliminating those symptoms.

FAQs for Meltdown Wild Yam Cream


FAQs for Meltdown Wild Yam Cream - Satisfaction GuaranteedQ: How many jars have ever been returned?

A: Since 1994 I’ve had three jars returned. The first time because it had a fragrance (now gone.) The second time because it had parabens (now gone.) The third time because it had sterates. (now gone.) I love when customers return the product because I learn how to make it better.

Q: How much wild yam extract is in your cream?

A: 6.99 percent. If it hit seven, I would have to get FDA approval.

Q: Why is your cream so expensive? You can buy a 2-ounce jar for $6 online.
A: Because I use the best ingredients. I designed Meltdown Wild Yam Cream for my own personal use long before I had even a glimmer of a thought of selling it and my only concern was how well it worked for me. My PMS and menstrual cramps were as painful as childbirth. I insisted on the best, most effective ingredients to ensure I got relief.

My goal was to conquer my crippling cramps and other PMS Symptoms, not to save money while trying halfheartedly to patch a problem, or to maximize the profit of a mass-merchandized product. Being in pain cost me a lot more than the cream ever did. Best of all, I never had hot Flashes, or any of the other issues with menopause that my friends and family around me were having…until I realized why they were suffering, and started sharing my secret!

My purpose in selling Meltdown Wild Yam Cream is to help give women relief from debilitating cramps, wild mood swings, and hot flashes. My formula is simply the best of the available creams on the market, and quality has a price. As I’m fond of saying, “My yam cream comes with a 100% money back guarantee!” Buy a jar now, and let me prove how good it is.

FAQs for Meltdown Wild Yam Cream

Q: A lot of scientists claim progesterone creams don’t work. Is that true?

A: It’s one of those “He said – She said” situations. Here is a link to a debate on the Oprah Show about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Christiane Northrup, a well known female expert on women’s health issues, and a supporter of the efficacy of wild yam creams as part of a program of good health.

Medical studies are often funded by companies with a financial interest in the marketing outcomes of the research. There are more expensive ways to deliver progesterone to the body than using a natural progesterone source like Meltdown Wild Yam Cream and a lot of money to be made on analgesics. Look for the source. We have history, many women doctors, and the experiences of our own loyal customers on our side.

Let me shoulder all the financial risk and prove my yam cream’s efficacy to you. Buy a jar, it should last 45 days. If you don’t get relief by then, return the jar to me with a written note on why you are sending it back, and I will cheerfully refund your money within 48 hours. Meltdown Wild Yam Cream comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

FAQs for Meltdown Wild Yam Cream

FAQs for Meltdown Wild Yam Cream - Satisfaction GuaranteedQ. How “natural” is your cream?

A: Nothing is all natural, but I strive to use the purest, safest, and most natural ingredients possible. If you find an ingredient objectionable, email or phone and tell me! Most likely, I will amend the formula because you are right.

Q: Can I really influence the composition of the cream?

A: Yes, I am one of the few manufacturers who you can contact directly. Since this is my formula, I can change it at any time, and I do. The last time I changed the formula was August 2010. My yam jam is a work in progress. The goal: to always make it better.Q: How does your copper/zinc ratio get out of balance?

A: There are many possibilities: First, you may eat too many foods high in copper and not enough foods high in zinc. If you use the cream and eat a balanced diet, you get the best results. Second, you may take birth control pills, which are pure copper, or your mother may have taken them. A mother can pass a copper toxicity to her child. Third, you may cook with those gorgeous copper pans that should be hanging on your walls. Fourth, you may have copper pipes leaching into your water.

Q: How do you know if you have too much copper?

A: Brown spots on your face and hands are one sign. This means your liver has filtered out so much copper it is depositing excess amounts in your skin. If your nipples turn from pink to brown without topless sunbathing, that’s another good sign. The third signal is a craving for high copper foods.

If you want to know for certain if your metabolism is out of balance, you can have a special lab test called a Tissue Mineral Analysis. The TMA tells you exactly how much copper you have. Ask us about the test.

Do you have additional questions that are not answered here in the FAQs?

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