Wild Yam Cream – 2 oz. jar: $33.50 *

This five week supply of silky cream has turned around my life. The men used to call me “bitch from hell” during PMS week. No more. It’s made going through menopause a breeze for me. NO hot flashes. And it increased my libido. Men tell me a drop of the cream makes them stay harder, longer. But I personally can’t vouch for that! I’ve found it’s also great for headaches, especially migraines.

This formula has no fragrance. It has 6.8 percent wild yam per ounce and 900 milligrams of natural progesterone per jar. Every ingredient is on the Whole Foods approved natural list.

Save money! Buy two jars for $60.50 (Save $6) *
Best Buy! Three jars for $90.50 (Save $13.50) *

The jars will keep nicely in the refrigerator.

30% of the orders for Meltdown Wild Yam Cream come from men. While it’s only intended for use on a woman’s body, many men feel that they strongly benefit from the relief felt by the women they love.

We sell to wonderful SONS and to thoughtful HUSBANDS & LOVERS.

Men can also benefit from Meltdown Wild Yam Cream