Bad News About a Favorite Food

Ramen noodles now join cigarettes as a big cause in the increase of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and stroke. So says a just-released study by the Journal of Nutrition. The study spend two years measuring the eating habits of … Continue reading

Lisa Thompson

Hi, Ms. Rosenthal! I actually found your product a few months ago while searching for something that could increase my sex drive. I ended up on a blog and someone had the same question that I did. The person received … Continue reading

Lisa Burbach

I have always been really crabby and even cry a lot during PMS. Now that I’m 40 it got worse. I didn’t want to have a doctor suggest non-natural progesterone. So I researched which ingredients I thought I needed for … Continue reading


Now Women Can: Relieve or prevent hot flashes! Eliminate or lessen PMS symptoms! Reduce menstrual cramps, mood swings, and bloating! Manage your menopause symptoms! Soothe migraine headaches! Prevent hair loss or stop hair loss, but also prevent or stop facial … Continue reading