Bad News About a Favorite Food

Ramen noodles now join cigarettes as a big cause in the increase of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and stroke. So says a just-released study by the Journal of Nutrition.

The study spend two years measuring the eating habits of 10,711 South Koreans. It found the deleterious effects happened to folks who ate two or more servings of ramen noodles a week.

I assume they were talking about the packaged noodles, you know, the cheap ones we all eat when there’s more month than money. (Yep, I’ve been there!) All you have to do is read the nutrition label to see the salt is a main ingredient. The white flour in the noodles doesn’t help, either.

I also assume they are not talking about that delicacy, Japanese ramen, featured in the film Ramen Girl. This is a healthier, etherial concoction made with joy and care, not a manufactured, processed food.

Here in Las Vegas where I live, there are a few restaurants in Chinatown that serve real Japanese ramen. The soup is an entire meal and extremely inexpensive (though not as cheap as the packaged version.

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