Sleep: Your newest beauty secret

One thing I don’t get enough of is sleep. But if you want to look beautiful at any age, sleep is your best friend.

For example, your body repairs itself while you sleep. That includes your skin. A good way to have younger looking skin as you age is…sleep!

How about weight loss? A recent study found you that is you sleep five hours or less a night, the chances of you gaining weight increased by 33 percent. And that’s if you do nothing differently!

Catch Your Z’s: The Link Between Sleep and Health

So how do you know how much sleep you need? The benchmark for adults is seven to nine hours.

But every body is different. Here’s an easy way to determine how much sleep your body needs:

Go to sleep but don’t set an alarm clock. See how long you sleep.

You must do this at least two nights in a row to get an accurate result.

Sweet dreams!



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