A Weight Loss Secret

I have 20 pounds to lose before my 40th college reunion May 28. I do really well during the week, but can’t seem to control what I put in my mouth over the week-end.

Turns out, that’s normal.

A study published in the European Journal of Obesity on January 31 discovered that those who actually lost weight (defined as more than three percent of their starting weight) did so by countering their weekend weight gains with weekday loses. They actually weighed the least on Fridays.

Everyone actually gained weight on the weekends. However, those who weighed more at the conclusion of the study didn’t lose any during the week. So the pounds just keep adding on.

Eighty men and women who averaged 45 years old participated in the three-month study. They were overweight but no obese. (70 percent of US adults are overweight or obese….) Everyone weighed themselves before breakfast.

Now we know.

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